Connecting with your audience through mobile applications

Mobile applications

Mobile devices, including iPads and smartphones represents the fastest growing segment of electronics sales. Because of this, the mobile device segment also represents the fastest growing segment of users of web and other interactive content.

Native Mobile Applications

A native mobile application is an application that can be downloaded and run directly on the mobile device. iTechnology Design is an authorized developer of Apple iPhone and iPad applications. Additionally, we are able to deliver native applications for the Windows Mobile platform.

Mobile Website Development

Many websites look great on a normal monitor, but fail to impress or even be usable when put to the test of mobile device use. The content management based sites that we develop here at iTechnology Design allow for mobile device rendering capability to be easily added. The benefit of simply adding alternative rendering to an existing content managed website is that you can maintain a single website yet have content displayed in a manner that in optimal for the type of device or computer that is viewing it.

Custom Mobile Applications for Business

iTechnology Design can develop custom applications specific to the requirements of keeping your mobile workforce connected. Our custom mobile applications for business can be built on a variety of different designs. Environments where a diversity of devices need to be supported, we can implement web based applications that provide mobile device rendering to allow nearly any smartphone to participate. Other applications may be suited to a custom native mobile application running on Windows Mobile. Depending upon the communications requirements, we can even build native applications that integrate with our SMS technologies to create an application that naturally supports message quing for communication to and from devices that are not continuously connected.

Leverage the power of social media and content applications to create visibility and drive business

Think back and consider how content was delivered to you 5, 10, and even 20 years ago. As you go through that thought, one thing should be readily apparent. The manner in which content was and is delivered has changed, and continues to change.

In a recent post on All Things Digital, Peter Kafka wrote about how consumers are receiving more and more of their content through mobile applications, and less of their content through all other mediums.

This concept is simple, but for for many business the implementation and application of this is much more difficult. The typical business owner will shudder at the mere idea of starting up a project to develop an iPhone or iPad application.

This is where iTechnology Design can help. We offer inexpensive off-the-shelf solutions that are fully customized with your company logo, content, and colors. We provide simple branded mobile applications to get you in the game as well as custom development services for iPhone, Andorid and Windows Mobile for creating any type of mobile application to promote your business and deliver your content.

Our basic branded RSS reader leverages your existing RSS content to create a mobile application with RSS reader capabilities, contact information, about page and links to your web resources. iPhone and iPad apps can be customized and distributed through the iTunes store for your company for as low as $2499 and will operate on all generations of iPhone devices as well as the iPad.

Recent Work

Video: mobile website

This short video will explain how some simple tools can be leveraged to create an independent yet easily managed mobile site for your business.

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