Custom Web Applications

Our team of programmers can develop many types of applications, including interactive web applications, intranets, and customer extranets. iTechnology Design has a web development team that can manufacture stunning site designs of any level of complexity or interactivity.

Custom Database & Web Application Development

Our programming team takes advantage of the latest technologies to design your application whether it be web, windows, a service, or any other type of custom application. We have proven skills with SQL Server, Sharepoint, Microsoft Access, xbase, MySQL, and other relational database systems. We also offer development using Delphi, Delphi.Net, C++ Builder, Visual Basic, VB.NET, Sharepoint, InfoPath and C#. We can help you.

Have an application you want to turn into a web application? We can convert your legacy desktop software to a web application. We also develop new web applications enhance and upgrade existing ones. Our group has experience in the areas of database and web application development and deployment using technologies such as Delphi.Net, ISAPI, NSAPI, AJAX.Net, ASP.NET, Active Server Pages (ASP) and SOAP.

  • Develop applications to integrate with other off-the-shelf applications.
  • Increase productivity and compatibility by upgrading your old DOS and Windows applications
  • Design and develop custom database and intranet applications
  • Design and develop Web-based applications and e-commerce solutions

SharePoint Development Services

iTechnologyDesign provides infrastructure and development services for the Sharepoint platform. If your company is considering a Sharepoint installation, we can help make the implementation a smooth one. Additionally, we develop a wide variety of solutions for Sharepoint ranging from graphical branding to complex workflow and forms applications.

Code Management Services

Do you have a custom application that was abandoned by the original developer? Our team can take your source code, regenerate the development environment, and manage the code going forward. If you thought you had a dead-end, think again. We can give your abandoned custom application new life with ongoing support, upgrades and additional development enhancements to meet your business needs.

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