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Last year, popcorn time apk Time exploded on to the scene by allowing users to watch nearly any movie they wanted, free of charge, as long as they didn�t mind that it was being pirated.

As expected, the MPAA took an immediate dislike to the concept, and the most popular fork,
, was shut down by court order
last fall.

That seemed to be that, except earlier this month, users who had hung on to the software started receiving updates again, Torrent Freak reports

Following the updates, the software again became functional, but who was behind these updates remained a mystery, at least until yesterday.

A post appeared on the Popcorn Time Blog yesterday, announcing that the project was officially back. �After the �MPAA incident,� we�re a little diminished, and we�ve chosen a new direction: we�re shifting from an active development of popcorn time android Time to a more or less resilience-driven development,� the announcement reads.

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