Network & System Design

A properly designed and documented network is extremely important in the preparation, implementation, maintenance and disaster recovery of your network. Imagine building your home without a blueprint and without surveying the land prior to construction. It may appear to be stable, but a strong wind or minor earthquake could prove to be devastating. Consider a network that has a DSL connection, but does not have the proper Security hardware installed. This is similar to having your home built on the side of an unstable hill and there are no locks on the door! The first time a big rain falls your entire house could come crumbling down and if that doesn't happen, thieves have constant, unrestricted access to all of your possessions.

A properly designed network will help ensure an efficient and successful implementation - not to mention that maintenance, troubleshooting and disaster recovery will be less time consuming and more cost effective.

At iTechnology Design, every system is designed, analyzed and documented before any work is initiated at your facility. Network design documentation is provided to every customer upon completion of their installation or upgrade. As you can see, the documentation may be stored on your local hard drive, on paper or on your company's server.

Our Design Services include the following:

  • Local Area Network (LAN) Design, Installation, Documentation, Administration and Support
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) Design, Installation, Documentation, Administration and Support
  • Server Room Design and Diagrams
  • Equipment Rack Design and Diagrams
  • Office Floor Plans with Documentation
  • Data and Telephone Cabling Design
  • Website Design and Hosting
  • Active Directory Design and Mapping
  • NDS Design and Mapping
  • IP Address Design and Mapping
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