Remote Access


iTechnology Design has experience with a wide variety of firewall products and network architectures. We primarily sell, install and service Cisco Small Business Pro firewalls. Depending upon the needs of the organization, we can provide firewall technologies for offices as large as 100 users with intrusion prevention, stateful packet inspection, and integrated scanning for virus and malware. Our firewall services are ideal for businesses looking to secure their networks while still providing meaningful remote access. The vast majority of our firewall products support IPSEC or web based VPN access.

Remote Desktop Services

We have extensive experience in providing remote access and remote application deliver to nearly every type of application and operating system. Whether you need remote access to a single computer, or a solution to provide remote desktop services to hundreds of remote employees we can build you the ideal solution. When it comes to remote access, the last thing you want to do is comprimise the security of your network. There are a fair number of ways to do it wrong, and a couple of way to do it right. We'll show you the difference and help to get the remote access you need without opening your network to people that shouldn't be in there.

Managed Services & Support

iTechnology Design provides remote monitoring and support of servers and workstations. We have a variety of different service plans from simple on-demand as needed remote support to full managed services where we provide daily monitoring and weekly patching, antivirus check and maintenance for servers and workstations. Our managed services get you out of the IT business but ensure your systems are taken care in a detailed manner.

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