Transportation & Logistics Software Development

The engineering principals at iTechnology Design have a history of involvement in application development related to transportation industries. For this reason, transportation has become one of the companies specialties. Our development team can offer solutions for nearly any type of ground transportation related need. Our historical projects have included software application development for all facets of taxi, shared ride shuttle, luxury limousine, hotel shuttle and dial-a-ride services. From reservations and dispatch to regulatory compliance and fleet management, the professionals at iTechnology Design have the experience and history to develop efficient and economical solutions for your transportation business.

Below, take a look at some of the historical projects we've completed relating to the transportation industry:

Core Business Software for Resort Transportation Company

The pressing issue our client faced was the need for an aging and unsupported unix dispatch and reservations application that the company had outgrown several years earlier that lacked much needed and significant functionality. After a thorough analysis, requirement and design effort we built the first generation of this software, which was subsequently completed ahead of schedule and under budget. Following the initial release of the application we continued to work with the client for several more years, developing advanced business automation and reporting for all aspects of the client's business encompassing dispatch, reservations, web commerce, reporting, finance, accident tracking, fleet records management, employee communications, payroll as well as customer facing airport passenger information displays.

Dispatch, Labor Tracking, Reservations and Integrated Web Commerce Application - Large Metro Taxi Operator

The client contacted us originally regarding a need for better overall tracking and management of driver hours for regulatory compliance. In analyzing their business, we could clearly see there would be some advantages to automating the dispatch, reservations and web commerce aspects of the company. One of the challenges was the need for mobile integration with a wide range of smart and non-smart phones. Ultimately, we developed a suite of applications that tied together dispatch, logistics, reservations, regulatory compliance as well as usability for mobile devices through SMS text.

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