Software Development

iTechnology Design offers a variety of software engineering services ideally suited for the small to mid-size business. Historically, many of our software engineering efforts have been focused on optimizing business efficiency, especially in businesses where affordable core business software meeting the requirements of the company or department did not exist. By employing simple and straight forward development strategies we were able to develop and deliver elegant and efficient software solutions at an exceptional pricepoint.

Every software engineering project we undertake begins with a thorough analysis of the business, and development of clear requirements and specifications for the project. After the analysis and requirements phase we can develop a detailed execution plan including schedule, budget, application architecture, technologies, and deployment and training programs.

Over the past 20 years, we have developed a wide variety of projects, here's a cross section of some of the companies we've worked with and the projects we've developed.

Custom parts database and purchasing Application - Drywall Manufacturing Company

The genesis of this application was the company's need to replace an aging parts database built on a dos based application that was no longer supported. As part of the project, we examined the existing application and logic, and then replicated the application making numerous improvements as well as introducing new functionality that further enhanced the efficiency of the application and department. The finished application was estimated to generate a return fir the company after only 7 months of operation.

Dispatch, Labor Tracking, Reservations and Integrated Web Commerce Application - Large Metro Taxi Operator

The client contacted us originally regarding a need for better overall tracking and management of driver hours for regulatory compliance. In analyzing their business, we could clearly see there would be some advantages to automating the dispatch, reservations and web commerce aspects of the company. One of the challenges was the need for mobile integration with a wide range of smart and non-smart phones. Ultimately, we developed a suite of applications that tied together dispatch, logistics, reservations, regulatory compliance as well as usability for mobile devices through SMS text. The estimated return on investment was under 1 year for this client.

Reservations Application - Multi-Store Ski Rental Business

The immediate issue for this client was a need for easier entry, better tracking and management of ski rental reservations. The secondary issue was integration with an existing web based reservation system. iTechnology Design analyzed the business process and requirements and developed a custom reservations application ideally suited to the customers business. As part of the effort, we worked with the original creator of the existing web reservation system and built an XML based integration that allowed the client to preserve their existing investment in that application while getting a nearly seamless interface and much higher level of efficiency to their new windows based reservations application. The estimated return on investment was under 6 months for this client.

Core Business Software for Resort Transportation Company

The pressing issue our client faced was the need for an aging and unsupported UNIX dispatch and reservations application that the company had outgrown several years earlier that lacked much needed and significant functionality. After a thorough analysis, requirement and design effort we built the first generation of this software, which was subsequently completed ahead of schedule and under budget. Following the initial release of the application we continued to work with the client for several more years, developing advanced business automation and reporting for all aspects of the client's business encompassing dispatch, reservations, web commerce, reporting, finance, accident tracking, fleet records management, employee communications, payroll as well as customer facing airport passenger information displays. The estimated return on investment for this client was under 9 months.

Grain Trading Business Order Management and Processing - Canadian Grain Trading Business

This Canadian grain trading business approached us look to make their entire business process more efficient from order entry, to processing, dispatch, and billing. The existing system the business used was a variety of Microsoft Excel templates. By analyzing their current processes we were able to quickly build an application that reproduced all the same functionality with a much lower level of user interaction. The estimated return on investment was under 1 week for this client.

Title Plant Conversion

iTechnology Design was hired to reconstruct a title plant based on 26 year old system/36 tapes. In this project we contracted an outside vendor to provide data recovery services for the data on the tapes. Following the recovery of the data we determined normalization and structure and migrated the raw data to a Microsoft SQL Server database. With the data migrated to a modern database, the final task was to develop a windows based application for use in retrieving data from these archives.

Here is an example of a custom web application that was developed by iTechnology Design.
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