SMS Application Development

iTechnology Design has developed core reusable technologies to enable rapid development of applications with SMS integration.  Using a variety of off-the-shelf devices, we can provided affordable SMS integration to a variety of systems.  One such technology allows us to implement direct communication between SQL Server and SMS devices.

Our SMS development services are ideal for implementing SMS integration with mobile applications, dispatch systems, or customer facing systems where you may want to communicate with customers or employees through automated SMS messaging.

One of our recent SMS software development projects was for a large metropolitian taxi carrier that had nearly 250 owner/operator vehicles.  The large number of different phones and mobile devices used by the owner/operators of the cabs made an SMS solution ideal for this taxi.  By employing an SMS based technology the cab company was able to allow their owner/operators to continue to use their existing phones while still interacting electronically with the companies new dispatch and reservations system.

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